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Already as a little girl, I wanted to become a hairdresser, but eventually I decided to go to university and study. After receiving my degree in Economics and working in the field, I realised that my heart was just not in it and I decided to pursue my original calling and passion.


My ‘eureka’ moment came in 2015 and it spurred me into action. I have assessed my skills and capabilities, my aspirations for my future and worked out the steps I needed to take to get from one to the other. This was a personal transformation of self as well as a business shift.


After years of studying and working as a hairstylist, I opened my own boutique salon on 1st October 2019, where I work in a bright and cozy ambiance with great devotion. 


I could not be happier with the decision today!


Hope to see you soon!




It can be difficult to book an appointment at short notice and I am sorry about the inconvenience this might cause. I am a one-woman-band, which means I don’t offer two appointments at the same time, if I worked parallel, the quality of my work would suffer.


This is also why I can only take online booked appointments, I cannot leave the client to pick up the phone, most hairstyling phases are very time-sensitive to the minute.

Employing an apprentice for washing hair is what many hairstylists do, but I consider this part of our session essential for me to perform it: the whole purpose of going into a hair salon is to have a licensed stylist care for your mane without having to stress about it.

Furthermore, I prefer to wash and condition my clients hair because it’s the proper thing to do: this is when I ‘meet’ your hair the first time and I learn about its current state and structure by touching it, applying shampoo and conditioner or special treatments and see how it reacts to water and products.


My advice to you is to always try to book your hair appointment well in advance (for most people it’s every 4-6 weeks) or I am happy to book it for you when you are at my salon.


Thank you for your understanding!

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